John Kasich Wants To Destroy Free Speech When It Comes To Israel

John Kasich, when talking about foreign policy in the fourth GOP debate, spoke very briefly about Israel and how Israel is a great ally of ours. While that’s true, it’s because they’re such a “great ally” that we’re turning a blind eye to the way they treat Palestinians. Their military is actually guilty of Nazi-esque treatment of Palestinians in refugee camps, to say nothing of the other human rights violations going on there. Kasich said, point-blank:

In Israel, we have no better ally in the world, and no more criticizing them in public. We should support them!

Allow us to break that “decree” first and criticize the hell out of Israel for their human rights violations. Benjamin Netanyahu actually said that Israel will forever live by the sword. He also claimed that Palestine, not Hitler, was responsible for the Holocaust (which is a total, utter, complete and absolute lie, by the way). Their military threatened to gas people in a freaking refugee camp to death. This is a country we need to stop criticizing? If we’re the land of the free, and the land of opportunity and equality, we can’t stop criticizing them publicly. In fact, we need to step it up and bring more attention to it. What Israel is doing, and has been doing, is wrong, and we need to stop being hypocrites about it.

Featured image by Office of Ohio Governor John R. Kasich

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