John Kasich Unleashes On GOP: ‘I’ve About Had It’ With The Republican Candidates

Every once in a while a Republican will see a little it of the light. While Donald Trump continues to be as boisterous as ever and Ben Carson says the most asinine things, John Kasich, Governor of Ohio and a lesser known GOP presidential contender has had just about enough with the freak show that is the GOP primary.

At a campaign rally in Westerville, Ohio, Kasich went off on his fellow Republican candidates for their “nonsense,” telling it like it is:

Do you know how crazy this election is? Let me tell you something, I’ve about had it with these people. I want you to know I’m fed up. I’m sick and tired of listening to this nonsense and I’m going to have to call it like it is in this race.

But the Governor wasn’t done dragging the establishment for their crazy tomfoolery:

What’s happened to our party? What’s happened to the conservative movement? I’m done being polite and listening to this nonsense.

Wow, a Republican who is running an honest campaign who doesn’t base his “success” on the amount of money he has or how many polls he’s winning? That’s surprising. And wait, you mean to tell me Kasich isn’t a candidate basing his campaign on fake Planned Parenthood videos and Hillary Clinton hating? Again, that’s surprising.

I think Kasich understands, better than any other Republican, how the American people feel — they’re tired of the crazy Donald Trumps running the show. We are tired seeing the once great and honored political process of the United States go down the drain for sensationalism.

It’ too bad this will only hurt Kasich in the long run.


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