John Kasich Slams Bernie Sanders: There’s No Reason To Be Angry At Wall Street

John Kasich has been trying to campaign on a more positive message than attacking his fellow republicans. He is attempting to look like a reasonable man amid the chaos that the GOP has become. While many on the left, particularly in Ohio, are fully well versed on the record of Kasich’s conservatism, most national republican voters see him as a moderate in a party of radical right-wingers. Perhaps he’s trying to be like Mitt Romney. And much like Romney, Kasich doesn’t understand the whole “one percent” problem.

In an interview in South Carolina with CNBC’s John Harwood, Kasich walked through his economic agenda and is confused how people can be so furious about actions by Wall Street. When Harwood asked Kasich about Sanders’ statement that their “business model is a fraud,” Kasich was confused.

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I don’t even know what that means. What does he mean it’s a fraud? Wall Street’s there to provide some of the glue to make that economic system churn. Did we have problems there? Of course. Is there too much greed? Of course. Are there rules and regulations that are necessary? Of course. But what’s he think we should do, abolish Wall Street? I mean, it’s so absurd. You talk about Donald Trump talking in broad generalities.

It’s unclear what he means by comparing Donald Trump to Sanders, but if Kasich had an opportunity to review the details of Sanders’ economic plan he would probably be able to answer his own questions. As Kasich should know, when you’re in a campaign for President of the United States you can’t stand before a crowd and read your white paper on your policies. You speak in generalities, and for those interested in specifics they go to your website. Kasich seems confused, at best.

Kasich continued

If we dwell on the negatives and not on the positives, how we going to get out of this? How we going to change things and answer the concerns of these people?

Identifying that the house is on fire is the first step to putting it out. You can’t extinguish the flames by complimenting them on their warmth and stunning glow. That’s now how public policy works. Government is designed to solve problems, not stroke the egos of the problems.

It gets worse. When asked about Chris Christie’s super PAC ad about Kasich being a Lehman Brothers banker who was part of the problem before it all went down, Kasich was confused.

I don’t really know how average Americans feel about Wall Street.

Seriously? Why Kasich is running for president at all is what is confusing. If he doesn’t understand the average American, he has no business representing them. At the very least, this makes him out of touch with average Americans. At most, he’s another politician who doesn’t even care.

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