John Kasich On Marijuana: I Can Sell It, But You Can’t Smoke It?

In the October 28 Republican debate, presidential candidate John Kasich spoke strongly against the legalization of marijuana, alluding that making one recreational drug okay could make use of others become prominent. “Sending kids mixed signals about drugs is a disaster,” the Ohio governor said.

But in that statement, he sent some mixed signals himself, says a prominent political figure who once employed Kasich.

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Political consultant Roger Stone, who says he supervised Kasich in Ronald Reagan’s 1976 campaign for president, quickly called Kasich’s statement hypocritical. And because Kasich himself not only used marijuana, but even sold it, resulting in him being fired from the campaign, Stone said in a tweeted statement last night.

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Stone was covering the debate as part of a book promotion at a Huntington Beach, California bookstore.

Kasich’s campaign quickly challenged Stone’s claim, of course. They referred media to Charlie Black, another Reagan campaign worker in 1976. Black told media that he was Kasich’s immediate supervisor in that campaign, not Stone, and that he never knew Kasich to use or sell marijuana.

But Stone didn’t take that challenge sitting down. After learning of Black’s contrasting statement, Stone reiterated his claim of firing Kasich for drugs in an October 29 tweet. “I stand by my statement – memory clear.”

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Stone, now a self-described “Libertarian conservative,” has been a campaign aide and consultant for many Republican candidates for about 40 years, usually specializing in opposition research.

Kasich wasn’t his only target that night. He also took shots at Jeb Bush during last night’s debate, as well as long-shot candidate George Pataki, who participated in the preliminary forum with other candidates who have low poll standings. Even Karl Rove was shown no mercy in Stone’s tweets.

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