John Boehner’s Ignorant ‘Religious Freedom’ Rant Gets Him Spanked By Everyday Americans (SCREENSHOTS)

When Indiana’s legalized discrimination in the name of “religious freedom” sparked a national controversy, Republicans decided not to listen to the majority of American people who support equal rights for LGBT citizens, but to instead pander to the low-information voters on the right.

Why not?  They are, after all, their beloved base, and inciting anger and outrage is as simple as a headline that includes “Obama” and “freedom.”

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Speaker of the House John Boehner holds an office that is second in line for the Presidency and at the head of the chamber of congress that is meant to represent the people. Not the Christian People, the People.

Boehner and his GOP cronies have doubled down on the whole “Christian persecution” angle, claiming the religion that 7 out of 10 Americans belong to is somehow being attacked simply because people believe in equal rights, as Jesus Christ did, and want religion and government to remain separate, as required by the constitution.

It’s no wonder that when Boehner posted a short rant accompanied by a link to a much longer rant on his Facebook page, that everyday Americans responded by slapping some reality into his public profile.

John Boehner’s “Christian persecution” post goes over poorly with average Americans.



Boehner’s link shows all of the horrible things that have happened to Christians worldwide in the past few years, without once mentioning Muslims, Hindus, Tibetan Monks, Wiccans, and Jews that have faced the same kind of treatment for hundreds, if not thousand,s of years.

Any time spent in conservative social media circles will tell you that the imbeciles posts like this pander to don’t click links, and they certainly don’t read.  This post is most certainly aimed at shares of the featured image, which has the words “Obama,” and “religious freedom.” A surefire hit for boneheads who hate just to hate.

This shiny object doesn’t have everyone fooled. In fact, if you read the comments on the post you’ll find that nearly everyone who is participating recognizes this idiotic tactic, and dozens of people are calling him on it:

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They’re on to you, John.  They are tired of your warmongering, tired of your pandering to idiots, and tired of you telling the President what to do.

If you think these comments are cherry-picked from a wealth of Boehner supporters, think again.  The comments, which can be found HERE, are a testament that Americans are watching and that Republicans just don’t care.

Why?  Because they still have this guy:




Yeah, they can have him.


All pictures and comments are public posts on John Boehner’s Facebook page | Image: Charles Topher

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