Joe Scarborough: Trump’s Rhetoric Sounds Just Like Hitler’s Nazi Race Laws (VIDEO)

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough laid into Donald Trump and his continued attacks against the Mexican American judge presiding over two cases involving Trump University on Monday. Scarborough said Trump’s rhetoric sounds just like the Nazi race laws enacted by Adolf Hitler.

Republican Arizona Senator Jeff Flake joined Scarborough in his criticism of Trump’s racist remarks and said could not bring himself to back the bigoted billionaire.

His statements this week on the judge, that’s a new level,” he said. “It’s not just ill-informed, ignorant statements, but they suggest that when he’s president after November that perhaps he ought to go after that judge.

Scarborough then pointed out that Trump’s attacks against the judge have been based solely on race and said it was reminiscent of “Nuremberg.”

And also a guy who was born in America, a guy from Midwest like Paul Ryan, born in Indiana,” Scarborough said. “He’s not even looking at his citizenship, he’s not even looking at his place of birth.

I mean, this sounds like Nuremberg,” Scarborough declared. “’Are you 1/32nd Jewish?’ ‘Are you 1/16th black?’ ‘Are you 1/8th Mexican?’ I mean, what standard is this? This is not American.

You can watch the segment, as posted to Twitter, here:

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