Joe Scarborough Drops HUGE Truth Bomb On GOP About Why Voters Are Flocking To Trump (VIDEO)

MSNBC host and former Republican congressman Joe Scarborough has been taking a lot of flack about the amount of time his show Morning Joe has been giving to Donald Trump. On March 8, Scarborough and his co-host Mika Brzezinski did it again, speaking with Trump via phone, and forcing Brzezinski to defend the show’s shameless promotion of Trump by saying that any of the other candidates who wanted to call in would be put on the air immediately.

Also, part of the program was former GOP congressman David Macintosh, who now works as a lobbyist for the Club For Growth. Macintosh was present to explain why big money Republican donors are lining up to oppose Trump.

But the things that Trump, Macintosh and the other assembled panelists say aren’t the important part of this conversation. That part comes when Scarborough, in a moment of candor, calls out the GOP for advocating policies that have sent middle-class voters running away from establishment candidates and toward the nationalistic/populist rantings of Trump.

New York Times columnist Nicholas Confessore sums up Marco Rubio, the current preferred candidate of the GOP establishment, by saying that Rubio “offered the chance for the party elite and the donor class to try and win the presidency without making changes on policy.”

That comment allows Scarborough to offer his thoughts on just how out of touch he thinks the Republican party leadership is. Republicans have been successful in getting working Americans to vote against their economic self-interest for years by playing the wedge issues: marriage equality, abortion, guns, etc. But many of those wedge issues aren’t working anymore, and a lot of voters who have been helping the GOP have their way when it comes to issues of money and taxes, are now flocking to Trump. That’s due in part to his stance on things like immigration, which many see as having a direct effect on their financial well-being. Scarborough says,

The problem with the Republican party over the past 30 years is they haven’t — I’ll say ‘we haven’t’ — developed a message that appeals to the working class Americans economically, in a way that Donald Trump’s does. We talk about cutting capital gains taxes. Ten thousand people that are in the crowd cheering for Donald Trump? They’re never going to get a capital gains cut, because it doesn’t apply [to them].

We talk about getting rid of the ‘death tax.’ The death tax is not going to impact the 10,000 people in the crowd for Donald Trump. We talk about how great free trade deals are. Those free trade deals never trickle down to those 10,000 people in Donald Trump crowds.

Make no mistake, Scarborough has never shaken off his identity as a Republican, and he continues to shill for them daily on the supposed “liberal” network, MSNBC. But he is absolutely right to call out the GOP leadership on this issue. People are finally figuring out that the Republican party just doesn’t give a damn about them and their finances, and after waiting for over 30 years for something to “trickle down,” they have finally had enough.

Here is the conversation, via MSNBC. Scarborough’s remarks start at about the two-minute mark:

Featured image via MSNBC screen shot

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