Joe Rogan DESTROYS Anti-Pot Rhetoric In True Joe Rogan Style: Hilarious And To The Point

Conservative anti-pot boneheads like to pretend that marijuana activists are lifelong heads trying to justify their “addiction,” even though marijuana is in no way physically addictive. Joe Rogan is, therefore, the bane of their existence.

Rogan was never a pothead.  He never even tried it until he was 30 years old.  Since then, he’s educated himself and become an advocate for the legalization of marijuana for personal, medica,l and industrial use.

Rogan’s thoughts on the subject are not only well researched, articulate and true, they’re absolutely hilarious.  Of course they are, he’s Joe Rogan.

The video below featuring a recording of a Rogan interview that is several years old now, is making a comeback as two states have legalized weed for personal use, and more are considering similar legislation. If more people understood what Rogan is talking about and looked at the actual facts of the issue, marijuana would not only be legal, it would have never been outlawed to begin with.

Joe Rogan destroys the anti-pot propaganda in 4 1/2 minutes you have to hear.

 Image: Screen Capture From YouTube

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