Joe Biden Just Made 2020 Announcement That Will Make Democrats VERY Happy

Most of the nation is still reeling at the fact that we are now facing four years of a President Donald Trump. Even more disturbing are the very narrow margins by which Hillary Clinton’s “blue wall” – meaning the all-important electoral states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin – crumbled. Many people believe that this Middle America failure was a result of Democrats not talking enough to white blue collar voters who went for Barack Obama twice but this time opted to take a chance with Donald Trump. Well, outgoing Vice President Joe Biden could change all of that in 2020.

In Washington, it is pretty much a running joke to call Vice President Biden “working class Joe.” He’s hardly a representation of the elitist, kale-eating, smug, academic liberals people think of these days when they think of Democrats. He can appeal to those voters, and bring them back into the fold of the Democratic Party. That was why he was such an important surrogate for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election cycle. However, just as Barack Obama’s “cool” factor didn’t transfer to Hillary, Joe Biden’s “working class appeal” didn’t transfer, either, and we fell short. That is how we got President Trump.

Well, it seems that, in the wake of this devastating loss, that our Uncle Joe just might be willing to save us come 2020. The Hill reports that Joe Biden is not ruling out a presidential run in 2020. Speaking to a group of reporters, Biden said:

“I am going to run for president in 2020. What the hell man, anyway.”

Here is a screen capture of the transcript of the conversation, in context, via Twitter:

“Fate has a strange way of intervening,” he says. Well, as our fate would have it right now, we’re stuck with Trump. Many believe Biden could have beaten him by holding the “blue wall” where Hillary could not. Either way, this gives us great hope that we only have to deal with four years of President Trump instead of eight.


Featured image via Leigh Vogel/Getty Images

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