Joe Biden Is BACK: SAVAGES The GOP’s Deadly ‘Healthcare’ Bill In BRUTAL Tweetstorm

Usually, once the peaceful transfer of power is complete, the outgoing administration lays low so as not to disrupt what the new administration is doing. However, since the GOP has control of the entire federal government and most of the state level governments with the corrupt, incompetent Donald Trump at the helm, it is literally impossible for former officials of the Obama White House to keep from weighing in. This is especially true since the GOP Senators have rolled out a “healthcare bill” that is literally nothing more than a massive tax cut for rich people. The most vulnerable among us will literally die if this monstrosity of a bill becomes law. Therefore it should come as no surprise that former Vice President Joe Biden is weighing in.

Taking to Twitter, Uncle Joe minced no words about what the GOP is about to unleash upon the nation:

It would be great if Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and all the rest of the GOP wanted to actually help people. Make no mistake though – they don’t. They don’t care about people, they care about themselves, keeping power, and making sure they and their rich friends get richer – even if it means that every day Americans literally die.

In fact, it is perfectly plausible that Paul Ryan thinks that the most vulnerable among us deserve to die. After all, this is the man who openly admitted to dreaming about bringing about the end of the life-saving care provided for the most vulnerable among us since he was a college kid, despite the fact that what he now calls “entitlements” are what got him through college after his father’s death, as he paid for his education with the survivor’s benefits. Funny how people forget where they come from, isn’t it?

Oh, if only Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton were president. We might actually have some compassion at the top, instead of the sociopathic monstrosities who somehow pass for human beings that we have now.

Featured image via Leigh Vogel/Getty Images

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