Jimmy Kimmel Mockery Rattled Alex Jones So Badly That He Hired This Guy To Guard Him (AUDIO)

Alex Jones is scared guys, like really, scared. He has told his fans that should anything happen to him, Hillary Clinton hired a hit. No, seriously. He has tweeted it. He has talked about it on his radio show. There is even video. The man thinks he is on borrowed time at this point.


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Now, if this were just a mere tweet from anyone other than Alex Jones, we might think it was satire or the ramblings of the old dude down the street that talks to himself. But, simply because this is Alex Jones we find ourselves exposed to it. . . listening to it. . . laughing at it.

On his radio broadcast, Jones spent over two minutes explaining how Jimmy Kimmel and Hillary Clinton directly threatened him on television with a gun. Now, how in the hell does this guy still have millions of people listening to him when he spouts nonsense like this?

Understand something, Hillary. If anything happens to me, you and your controllers are the prime suspects. I know now you think you’re above the law, so why do you care? Maybe you want to send a message by getting rid of old Alex Jones?

Listen to Alex Jones’ paranoid rant here:

So what exactly triggered this unhinged rant of paranoid delusion which has now required more security in the Jones camp?

A jar of pickles.

Yeah, you read that right – a jar of pickles. When Hillary Clinton appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live a week ago, Kimmel put her health to the test. To settle the score once and for all with Donald Trump’s most sincere concerns about Hillary’s health, the late night host utilized the only true test of strength – he asked her to open a jar of pickles.

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Alex Jones took note of this and called out Hillary’s jar opening technique. Apparently, according to Jones, she did it wrong. In what seems to have turned into a delightful tennis match, Kimmel took note of Jones’ critique of the opening of the pickle “can” and responded with a vicious threat. A threat so great, Jones has now “upped his security” and warned his beloved fans of the possible impending doom.


Watch Jimmy Kimmel make Alex Jones fear for his life:

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