Jimmy Kimmel Brings Paris Hilton’s #1 Fan Out To Troll Trump Live, And It Works Great (VIDEO)

“Jake Byrd” is a brilliant construct of the comedic mind of Anthony Barbieri. You may remember seeing him trolling a press conference about Paris Hilton as her number one fan or as an OJ Simpson supporter applauding his attorney.

A regular in the early days of  Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jake hasn’t been seen too often lately, which made his appearance on Tuesday night’s show a pleasant surprise for fans. This particular segment took Byrd’s character to a whole new level. He got to troll Trump supporters outside the auditorium, show off his “Trump stamp,” sip some Trump cologne and make a complete fool of himself, assuring that he’d fit right in with the buffoons who were actually there to support the Donald.

The best part of the event came when Trump actually took the podium, with Jake Byrd seated directly behind him to make a complete mockery of the entire event. It will most go down in history as one of the greatest real-life trolls of all time.

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Watch Jake Byrd triumphantly troll trump.

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