Jimmy Fallon Redeemed Himself For His Awful Trump Interview When Hillary Stopped By On Monday (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon has received a lot of criticism for his “softball” interview with Donald Trump last week, but he might be on the road to redemption after this.

Hillary Clinton joined him for the season premiere of NBC’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday night, and the two had a lot to joke about, including what Hillary called  “the most famous ‘bromance’ going,” between Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Fallon greeted Hillary with a surgical mask and antibacterial gel, which she seemed to find hilarious, and then Jimmy took it a step further when he pulled out a wrinkled paper bag that he said Trump had left after visiting the show the week before.

“Let’s look. I mean, let’s see what’s in there,” Clinton said, playing along.

Jimmy opened up the bag and rummaged around inside, pulling out a heart-shaped frame that he “assumed” must have been a picture of Melania, but no…it was a picture of Vladimir Putin. He also pulled out a copy of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, to which Hillary said flat out, “That’s as close as he’s gonna get to the wall.”

Jimmy and Hillary had a lot more to discuss and got serious once the jokes were over. Watch the full interview below:

Featured image via screenshot

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