Jimmy Carter Wins His Second Grammy Just After Beating Cancer

While former President Jimmy Carter is busy building houses, beating brain cancer and just being a good-hearted human overall, he achieved a second feat last night at the 58th annual Grammy Awards: the 91-year-old grandfather won his second Grammy Award, for Best Spoken Word Album (Poetry, Audiobooks and Storytelling) for his latest memoir, A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety.

At 91 years and four months, Carter is now the third oldest recipient of the award, surpassing Elizabeth Cotton and Betty White, who were both 90 when they won (the oldest recipient is Pinetop Perkins at 97). The competition wasn’t too stiff for Carter, who faced Dick Cavett and Amy Pohler for their spoken autobiographies, Brief Encounters and Yes Please.

Carter joins Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Jesse Jackson and other prominent Democrats whose spoken word albums have garnered them the coveted award. His first Grammy Award came in 2007 for his New York Times bestseller Our Endangered Values, another fantastic autobiography which offers readers real solutions to very pressing issues.

Carter’s book, A Full Life, hit shelves last summer and is his 31st book published since he started writing in 1975.  In it he chronicles an emotional and detailed look into his life, from Plains, Georgia to Washington D.C. and beyond, leaving the readers with an insight as to how he would approach today’s pressing matters that still need to be fixed — Korea and China, attacks on women’s rights, special interest groups and the threat of radical religious indoctrination.

Every book written by Carter over the last several decades has been a dire warning for Americans who care about the future of our nation, and indeed the stability of our world: don’t let political extremism or polarization stop us from achieving what is right for this country. Carter, who has faced attacks from the right and even from those on the left, certainly knows all too well how the game works and how it is rigged to undercut the underdog. In his book, he no only reflects on that but offers an insight as to how it can be stopped and harmony can reign again. And it’s good to see him get the accolades he deserves.

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