Jimmy Carter OWNS Pro-Life Republicans Who Celebrated His Cancer By Being Declared Cancer Free

Former President Jimmy Carter was sadly diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. The reaction from pro-life Republicans was to celebrate and mock him for it. However, Jimmy got the last laugh on these jerks today.

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Some of the worst examples of this came from Debbie Schlussel, via Twitter.

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Jimmy Carter had liver cancer that had spread to his brain. At 90 he defied the odds and beat it. Judging from the previous reactions by Republicans, there will be a lot of cries of “no fair!”

Some Facebook comments included gems like:

 That’s Karma Jimmy, it will get you. You said Homosexuality was OK and you claim to be a Christian? And a Baptist preacher? And Now you have cancer? Karma Buddy.

Brain cancer explains some of his lib policies.

The worse [sic] president we ever had, oh wait Obama. How many died because of this man. Bye bye Jimmy.

Carter smashed the hatred and ill will of these people when he announced Sunday that his cancer is gone. Carter made the announcement before the Sunday School class he teaches at the Marantha Baptist Church in Plains, GA.

He said he got a scan this week and the cancer was gone,’ Jill Stuckey said by phone from Maranatha, where Carter was still in the midst of teaching to about 350 people, many of them visitors. ‘The church, everybody here, just erupted in applause.

Cheering at the death of people is nothing new to pro-life Republicans. They cheer for the death penalty constantly, advocate for taking away healthcare from tens of millions causing massive amounts of death, and celebrate every time a patriot right-wing Christian terrorist kills people with whom they have a difference of opinion.

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