Jill Stein Becomes Laughingstock After Slamming Dems For Voting To Confirm Betsy DeVos (They Didn’t)

The Green Party, and the progressives who support it, deserve better than a leader like Jill Stein. Here we are again: the once and future Green candidate beclowned herself and her cause with an ill-conceived statement meant to throw mud at Democrats at the expense of all logic.

In a tweet that is surprisingly still not deleted, Stein slammed the Democratic Party for being beholden to “corporate interests” which she claimed forced them to confirm Betsy DeVos, the single most unqualified cabinet candidate in U.S. history, to head the Department of Education.

The problem? Zero Democrats voted for DeVos. Not oneTwo Republicans even broke ranks and voted against her confirmation and the vote only passed because Vice President Mike Pence – for the first time in history – had to swing a cabinet vote tie towards the candidate.

What’s more, DeVos is certainly guilty of “buying her confirmation” but the nearly $1 million she poured into Congress went almost exclusively to Republicans.

Big donors often get positions in government, ambassadorships or ceremonial titles, but rarely do they come as big as DeVos. Sitting Republican senators have received $115,000 from Betsy DeVos herself, and more than $950,000 from the full DeVos clan since 1980. In the past two election cycles alone, her family has donated $8.3 million to Republican Party super PACs.

If the Green Party thrives on the misconception that “both sides are equally bad” then this is the very worst example they could have used. Democrats stood up to Trump, Republicans ignored their own constituents to deliver a bought-and-paid-for vote to DeVos. The Green Party, notably, did nothing. The only group coming out of this with any dignity is the Democrats.

This website has previously warned readers about getting played by Stein. Her exploitation of well-intentioned liberals is a crime when the stakes are as high as they are during this political era. While Trump won the election by one of the narrowest margins in U.S. history, Stein was siphoning off votes from progressives by tweeting things like this:


The results of the election aren’t all on Stein – there were many other factors – but during those quiet hours she isn’t tweeting awful hit pieces on Democrats or “dank memes,” one wonders if she stops to listen to the still beating heart of American democracy loudly thumping underneath her floorboard.

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