Jerry Springer Just BLASTED The RNC: It’s ‘A Parody Of My Show’ (TWEET)

Talk show host Jerry Springer isn’t usually all that well liked among most people who abhor the B.S. that is his show and those like it. He exploits the basest instincts of America, with trashy people coming on and fighting on stage over marital indiscretions, baby mama and baby daddy drama, and everything else horrible you can think of in America. However, on Thursday night, I gained a new level of respect for the man. He weighed in on the chaotic scene that has been passing for the Republican National Convention, and oh boy, Springer was not kind.

The controversial host took to his Twitter account to blast the GOP for their shameful excuse for a convention, and the lynch mob will likely descend upon him in short order. After the fiasco when Ted Cruz’s failure to endorse The Donald made the convention floor become so violent his wife had to be escorted out, Springer tweeted:

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Springer is right. I mean, we all knew what Trump’s coronation party would be like. After all, we got a preview of the horror of it all over the last year via his increasingly violent rallies. However, it is more than a little scary that this violent mob contains the people who are doing their damndest to take over America when President Obama leaves the White House with Donald Trump leading the way.

Think about that when you are wavering on whether or not to vote this fall.

Featured image via Desiree Navarro/WireImage

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