Jerry Falwell Jr. Endorses Trump In Front Of Framed Playboy Magazine, Flips Out When People Mock Him

On Tuesday, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump spoke to evangelical leaders and tried to convince them that he is the only candidate with a direct line to Jesus. After the meeting, he announced that Michele Bachmann would be his godly advisor and Twitter erupted in laughter.

While social media users were having a field day with Bachmann’s role in the campaign, they were given an extra special treat when Jerry Falwell Jr., president of Liberty University, tweeted this:

Upon first glance the picture isn’t particularly interesting, it’s just a hypocrite with another hypocrite and the wife of one of the hypocrites. But when you take a closer look, you notice that Falwell, someone who highly regarded in the Holier Than Thou community, posed right in front of the cover of a Playboy magazine — not exactly good Christian reading.

As soon as Twitter noticed his mistake, they began mocking him:

After being inundated with hundreds of comments from people mocking him, Falwell lost his shit and angrily tweeted:

He then followed that by retweeting the messages of people who do not understand what a moron he is and blocking his “detractors.” Senator Ben Sasse, the #NeverTrump Republican who has taken to trolling his party for their ridiculous choice, decided that he had to get involved in the anti-Falwell party and delivered the knock-out blow:

It’s no secret that Falwell is an idiot, but his Trump endorsement, in front of a soft-core porn magazine, was icing on the cake.

Featured image via Twitter

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