Jeb’s Frightening Campaign Team Includes Top Architect Of Iraq War

Ridiculous conspiracy theories propagated by right-wing extremists, conservative bloggers and Fox News are easily dismissible as pandering to fringe whack jobs who will vote straight red regardless of credible evidence to their contrary.

Until the Jade Helm debacle, which drew the attention of high-ranking officials and Republican presidential candidates, conspiracy theories were considered a social media troll-fest typically inspired by Alex Jones and his false flags.

That wasn’t always the case. While putting together a campaign team, Jeb Bush hired Paul Wolfowitz, deputy defense secretary to Dubyah and the man who fell for one of the worst conspiracy theories of all time.

A former Harvard professor name Laurie Mylroie, considered eccentric in the academic world, had come up with a theory after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, not Islamic extremists or Al Qaeda, was responsible for the bulk of terrorist plots against the United States.

Even though her theories only made sense to her and were disregarded by virtually all of the intelligence and law enforcement agencies in the nation, Wolfowitz bought it hook, line, and sinker, and made it his mission to sell it to the G.W. Bush administration. The number two person of power in the defense department was dead set on going to Iraq, based on a fringe theory discredited by. . . everybody else.

This man is now fully engaged as a member of Jeb Bush’s foreign policy advising team.

In fact, almost all of Bush’s team are advisers to presidents who made terrible foreign policy decisions all the way back to Reagan. This chart, courtesy of the Washington Post, shows how Bush refuses to think outside the box, proving another Bush presidency would be nothing but more Blunders like Nicaragua, Iran-Contra, Desert Storm and of course the war in Iraq:


You’ll  notice that Wolfowitz has served under both Bushes as well as Reagan.

A man like Paul Wolfowitz is a danger to the integrity of our country, something President Obama has worked diligently to restore. Someone like him having the ear of the President has been disastrous in the past and is bound to be even more detrimental in the future.

With a team like Jeb Bush is building, we are all but guaranteed to see boots on the ground to fight ISIS, bombings in Iran and a return to combat operations in Afghanistan.

War is what they do; it’s all they know.

We can’t afford Jeb Bush.

Featured Image via Charles Topher

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