Jeb Bush, Shows He Has Zero Selfie Awareness

If you’re Jeb Bush, a man who suffers from a chronic case of POTUS envy, it’s easy to see why you may need to perfect the fine art of the selfie, mainly because no one else wants to photograph you anymore. Bush, who is now polling at a pitiful 4.4 percent, is desperately trying to combat his politically cumbersome title of The Low Energy Candidate, given to him by Donald Trump, by striving to appear more hip.

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This week along the campaign trail the comedically impaired Bush demonstrated what he calls “The 11th Amendment of the Bill of Rights.” AKA: Taking A Good Selfie. Bush’s cringe worthy performance began with a short definition of the term “Selfie”, an appropriate start considering most of his supporters are well over the age of sixty. Then, in an uncomfortable mix of total Selfie Unawareness and an almost Don Knotts display of slapstick, Bush goes on to show his many different vogue-like poses of a great selfie in the making.

Shortly after his sad attempt to seem culturally relevant, Bush gleefully added,

Just for the record, young people do it better than older people. It’s cooler to do it diagonally rather than straight up, remember that. And it’s better to do it higher than lower, because you look skinnier. Am I right?

Yet another shameful attempt of comedy by a party that is funny but for all the wrong reasons.



Image Courtesy: DonkeyHotey Flickr

Video Courtesy: Jeb Bush via YouTube


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