Jeb ‘Hedge’ Bush Gets Pruned As Activist Granny Slams His Social Security ‘Entitlements’ Remarks

Planted in the hothouse of privilege and generously fertilized with heaping mounds of manure, Jeb Bush (now affectionately known as ‘Hedge’), tangled with an elderly woman over his depiction of the Social Security and Medicare System as an ‘entitlement program.’

While speaking at a town hall meeting in Gorham, New Hampshire , “Hedge” was confronted by a woman his campaign later put down as a “liberal activist.” Said hellraising granny asked, “We’re not going to have adequate coverage for our children or our grandchildren without Medicare. I paid into that for years and years, just like all these other seniors here, and now you want to take it away? Why are you always attacking the seniors?”

Dropping a few leaves under her withering scorn, “Hedge” responded,

Here’s what I said: I said, ‘We’re going to have to reform our entitlement system.’ We have to.

Granny, proving that HER schooling amounted to something, fired back, “It’s not an entitlement. I earned that.”

“Hedge” later attempted to divert attention from his comments, while at the same time touting his clairvoyant abilities, stating that the media took his “words out of context — exactly what I predicted would happen.”

Uh … he ‘saw’ this was going to happen, and still didn’t have enough sense to maybe. . . just maybe. . . think of something better to say? Silly boxwood. “Hedge’s” gardeners. . . uh. . . handlers, as well as “Hedge” himself, continued using the word “entitlement” while defending his remarks to reporters and around the talk show circuit.

Watch Hedge’s comments about ‘entitlements’ via CNN here:

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