Jeb! + Green Screen + Reddit + Photoshop = Awesomesauce (IMAGES)

Jeb! continues to make some bizarre choices as he trails in the polls in what was supposed to be his shoo-in primary. In what seems to be a desperate act of attempted relevancy with the younger crowd, Jeb! has made a few questionable decisions recently: 1. commenting on the hotness of Supergirl and 2. tweeting photos of himself in front of a green screen.

Because no one would ever use those to Photoshop the odd pose – no one would EVER do THAT.

That NEVER happens.

Although, once Reddit users started, Jeb! didn’t seem to mind. He even tweeted his favorite.

“The Donald” was not nearly as amused.

Ok, ok, so that wasn’t really THE Donald – but it was certainly funny, nonetheless.

Good one, parody Donald, good one.

Here are some of the best of the best Jeb! Photoshops.

In your best Nelson voice, “Ha! Ha!”


Image via Reddit/jsindal

“There, put it there.”

(Phrasing – NSFW)

E.T. is offended.

Reddit-Oskargol-Qg8gOAy - Imgur

Image via Reddit/oskargol

“Ring, ring, ring, pajama suit. Ring, ring, ring, pajama suit. . . “

(Ear worm: You’re welcome.)

I heard he “got buck.”

Foreign policy experience. . .

Appreciation of the arts. . .


Image via Reddit/turdles

“Jeb! Bush DOES? care about black people. . .”

Jeb! challenges Bernie Sanders to a Karaoke battle.

Reddit-eighmie-NvfYgHn - Imgur

Image via Reddit/eighmie

“I can see Sarah Palin’s house from here.”

“Pew! Pew! Pew!”

Caption it, yourself. This is a respectable publication!

(You perv.)

“And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger. . .”

And I shall call him. . .


This one is a bit too prophetic to be funny. . .

And of course, some had to animate Jeb!

Jebbie like Cap nip (re-upload)

Putting my new skills to work


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Which ones are your favorites?

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