Jeb Getting Felt Up On The Campaign Trail Made For Some EPIC Memes (IMAGES)

Let’s face it, regardless of how most of us feel about Donald Trump and his disgustingly bigoted worldview, the truth is the man is constantly trending on the internet. We are all talking about him, often through frustration, exasperation, disdain, shock and even some tears. With all that trending Trump, it’s hard for a guy like Jeb to get noticed.

Consequently, thus far in the presidential bid, Jeb! has proven to be really terrible at running for President of the United States. Which is great, considering the last thing we need in the White House is another shrub. But, there is one thing he isn’t terrible at: providing an ample amount of Reddit Photoshop contest material!

In October, the campaign tweeted the presidential hopeful in front of a green screen – because that wouldn’t EVER have any unfortunate consequences or anything.

This time, the image is just as bizarre. Oh yeah, this one is weird.

The original photo is of Jeb seemingly getting felt up at a campaign rally.


That image is internet gold. The facial expression, the hands on his chest, the positioning of his mouth – it all screams: “I must be removed from the (somewhat creepy) context of this photo and placed in hilarious internet memes.”

Fortunately for us, when it comes to making already funny pictures even funnier, the internet never disappoints.

Even Jeb himself liked this one:

Here are the “best of the best” from the latest Jeb Bush Reddit Photoshop Contest:

davepollotart hlilsto gallowboob TheHongKongBong  TheHongKongBong-Cheney workingat7 kid-karma TheEdgeOfTheInternet Cmatthewman  verters


-doitforjohnny- workingat7-2

Of course, this contest just couldn’t be complete without:


All images via Reddit (featured image modified by author)

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