Jeb Bush SLAMS Marco Rubio On His Abject Failure To Show Up To Work

Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio both hail from the great state of Florida, and because of that, they’ve enjoyed a bit of good rapport with one another. That may have ended tonight when Jeb slammed Rubio, onstage, for his failure to attend Senate sessions. Jeb said:

Marco, when you signed up for this it was a six year term. You should show up for work.

Rubio’s response included pointing out that Senator John McCain missed a lot of votes, too. Which totally excuses that.

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This comes shortly after Rubio said that we need to be able to fire federal workers who aren’t doing their jobs, because of course Rubio knows exactly what each federal employee does versus what they’re supposed to be doing. That is rich coming from someone who’s missed 43 percent of scheduled Senate votes because he’s out on the campaign trail.

There are two problems here: The first is that he likely doesn’t know which federal employees really aren’t doing their jobs, and which ones just aren’t doing the job he thinks they ought to be doing because they’re hamstrung by laws and regulations. Members of Congress ought to know when federal workers aren’t doing the job they look like they should be doing, because of laws that Congress, itself, passed.

But worse than that is this just makes him a huge hypocrite. If you’re going to rag on people for not doing their job, you had better be doing yours. Rubio is, first and foremost, a U.S. Senator. He’s a presidential candidate second. So he needs to be doing his job, and not missing votes.

Jeb nailed this one.

Featured image by Gage Skidmore

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