Jeb Bush, Reeking Of Desperation, Lost His Final Chance In The 3rd GOP Debate (VIDEO) (IMAGE)

It’s no secret that Jeb Bush’s campaign hasn’t been doing well. In fact, many people would use words like failing or imploding to describe it. While rumors swirled that Bush’s campaign was all but over, headlines claimed that the third GOP debate was the candidate’s last chance as he had more on the line than anyone else.

Jeb Bush’s desperation started strong before the debate even began, and it only got worse from there.

It didn’t take Bush long to get off and rolling with the desperation tonight. In fact, like many of the GOP presidential candidates, Bush decided to get started before the third GOP debate on Twitter. His feed was filled with campaign video’s that looked like bad Michael Bay movies while he begged for people to pledge support or donate $1 (which was mostly met with replies of open scorn). Then there was this:

Unfortunately, Bush’s “debating boots” didn’t seem to help him. He needed a miracle, or at least a moment that made him seem outstandingly presidential. It never came. Don’t get me wrong, he got in at least one good “punch” with his exchange with Marco Rubio telling him that he needed to go to work.

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However, one good sparring will not provide near enough of the boost his campaign so desperately needs. As one analyst put it in the New York Post:

Bush needed to appear as the strongest establishment candidate,” said Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute. “He didn’t achieve that.

In fact, Bush did the opposite – he tried to present himself as an anti-establishment, outsider candidate. Just look at his closing remarks:

America’s at a crossroads. The DC politicians continue to make things worse. I have a proven record of success. Thirty-two years in business and eight years as governor of the state of Florida. I will change the culture in Washington just as I changed the culture in Tallahassee. And I will do so in a way that will bring people together. We need a unifier, not a cynical divider-in-chief, and that’s exactly what I will do [sic].

This fooled absolutely no one, and only served to weaken Bush. Bush tried to explain away his poor performance as being a “leader” and not a “talker.” Ironically, before the debate was even over, Bush’s campaign manager confronted CNBC producers about the candidate not receiving enough talking time. Bush told CNN after the debate that he was not an “entertainer in chief.”

Overall, Bush’s debate performance could be looked at as a list of things not to do when trying to save one’s campaign. As one twitter user aptly put it:

You were already trailing far behind in the polls before the debate, and it seems to have been the final nail in your campaign’s coffin. On behalf of most of America: so long Bush, we’ve had enough of your family in the White House!

Watch Bush stumble when confronted over the nature of his flailing, failing campaign:

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore.

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