Jeb Bush Mocks Himself (And Republican Voters) In Surprisingly Hilarious Emmy’s Cameo (VIDEO)

Who would have thought that the man most able to hold his head up with dignity after the Republican primaries would be Jeb Bush? The election may not have been kind to him, but unlike many of his former Republican competitors he’s had the integrity to resist bowing down to Trump (*cough* Marco *cough* Carson *cough* Christie *cough*). Instead, he’s joined other Republican leaders in flatly stating that he will never vote for Donald Trump.

During the Emmy’s, Jeb was able to even give an incredible middle finger to Donald Trump and the Republican voters who nominated him with a surprisingly hilarious cameo with show host Jimmy Kimmel.

It begins with Jimmy getting into a limo and discovering that Jeb is now an Uber drive. It ends with Jeb crying “Jeb exclamation point!” and peeling out. In between is a brutal dig at the stupidity of the average Trump voter giddy at their candidate’s childish behavior.

Jeb’s best line:

“If you run a positive campaign the voters ultimately will make the right choice.”

When Kimmel starts to agree, Jeb flips the script.

“Jimmy, that was a joke…”

And now we have Donald Trump, and his supporters don’t seem to care if he promotes bigotry or lies on a regular basis.

Jeb Bush certainly didn’t belong in the White House, but he may just have a shot at Hollywood. At least he can laugh at himself – and at the voters suckered into supporting the Republican nominee.

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