Jeb Bush’s Position on Iraq Evolves Once Again: ‘I Would Not Have Gone Into Iraq’ (VIDEO)

The strange saga of Jeb Bush and the Iraq invasion has taken yet another turn. After saying he was for it, then misheard it, then it would be a disservice to answer it, Bush now says he is against it.

At least the evolution is almost linear?

When Jeb Bush was for it . . .

While being interviewed by Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on Sunday, May 10, Bush confidently said that he would have authorized the invasion.

“I would have [authorized the invasion], and so would have Hillary Clinton, just to remind everybody. And so would almost everybody that was confronted with the intelligence they got,” Jeb Bush told Megyn Kelly during the sit-down interview.

During the interview, he said the mission failed because the United States did not focus on “security first,” and that was what caused the Iraqis to turn against the United States. However, he didn’t think security was a point of contention between him and his brother, George W. Bush.

. . . Was before Jeb Bush misheard it

This lasted for a day. The following day, while sitting in with Sean Hannity, Bush told the right-wing propagandist that he “interpreted the question wrong” and that he was “talking about given what people knew then, would you have done it?”

Bush conceded then that “clearly there were mistakes as it related to faulty intelligence” and added that, “My brother’s admitted this. And we have to learn from that.” He did, however, continue to hammer the “security” drum, saying that there was a “lack of focus on security.”

So, for those keeping track at home: he was for it, and argued that the United States should’ve focused on security. Then he misheard it, and argued that the United States should’ve focused on security.

. . . Was before it was a disservice to answer it

The following Wednesday, Jeb Bush’s position evolved again.

When asked by a voter to clarify whether he was for the invasion or not, Bush answered that answering the question would be a “disservice” for the troops:

“If we are going to get into hypotheticals, I think it does a lot of disservice for a lot of people who sacrificed a lot,” Bush said, reiterating that, “Going back in time, does a disservice for them.”

. . . Was before Jeb Bush was against it

Which brings us to today.

At an event in Tempe, Arizona, on Thursday, Bush explained that he “would have not engaged” and that he “would not have gone into Iraq.”

This new change in position brings Bush closer in line with the rest of the candidates in the 2016 Republican field; New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R), who has strongly hinted at a White House bid, said he wouldn’t go into Iraq given what we know today. Ted Cruz has likewise said “of course not” when asked.

So what does the future hold for Bush?

Probably not a primary victory.

Watch Jeb Bush declare that he would not have gone into Iraq below:


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