Jeb Bush Has Issues With Pornography

In an attempt to be “transparent” about his use of a private email server while serving as governor of Florida, Jeb Bush may have rekindled some old flames that caused quite a rift between his administration and social conservatives.

When it was discovered in 2006 that Bush had invested over a million dollars of the state’s pension fund is a company that traded heavily in pornography, the Christian right went nuts. One voter wrote that Bush was “supporting a company that was enslaving men and women to its addiction.”

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The now-defunct company was called Movie Gallery, a video and DVD rental store owned by the once successful video chain Hollywood Video. While Hollywood Video ran a Blockbuster style store, well-lit with a massive inventory, Movie Gallery carried a modest array of mainstream rentals coupled with a dimly lit “adult room,” complete with a wide variety of videos, DVDs, toys and magazines.

Some would have called it a glorious place; the Christian right called it heathenous.

The chain died when the industry shifted to Netflix, Redbox, and a wide array of streaming XXX sites.

Bush initially stood firm on his investment, using the argument that he had to do what was best for the pension fund, but dumped the stock when prices began slipping.

Jeb Bush has serious problems with hypocrisy. All of this came back into the public light after Jeb decided to be “transparent” about his use of a private email server during his time as Governor.

According to American Bridge, Bush’s attempt to outdo Hillary Clinton on transparency has been a big fat fail. Bush has turned over less than half of the emails he was supposed to turn over when he left office. He also neglected to redact the names and social security numbers of 12,000 Floridians in the emails he did turn over.

While the issue of investing in a video company that owned a video company that rented and sold adult movies may seem like no big deal to most reasonable people, to the right it will be seen as a betrayal from a man who claims to be a “defender of Christianity.”

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