Jeb Bush’s Campaign Is Falling Apart Before It Starts

He won’t officially confirm his candidacy until June 15, but Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign already appears to be walking a rocky road.

Take the recent change in his senior staff, for example. Bush appointed David Kochel to be national campaign manager months ago, but on June 8 alerted other staff that Kochel was being shuffled to another, lesser position. Danny Diaz took the helm instead, Bush announced.

The reason for that last-minute change is concern about Bush’s current standings in the crowded Republican slate of candidates, an anonymous campaign adviser told Washington Examiner. While currently Leader of the GOPack, he’s only a half-point ahead of Scott Walker in an average of recent polls, and Marco Rubio is only one percentage off, too. Add in Ben Carson, Rand Paul, and Mike Huckabee, and there’s only 2.5 percent separating these top six candidates.

That meager lead is not appeasing potential campaign donors and supporters, and that’s what’s causing commotion in Camp Jeb, the adviser told Washington Examiner:

They [the donors] said that in January, Bush laid out a scenario of where he would be by now, and it has not remotely happened. They said the plan was for Bush to use this period to emerge as frontrunner, and launch as decisive frontrunner with the model, interestingly enough, being George W. Bush in 1999. But that hasn’t happened, obviously, and I expect this bloodletting is to show that they are aware and trying to take steps to address.

Even if Bush can take a greater lead, that alone won’t help him, the adviser says. Instead, he could use some self-coaching and self-confidence.

He hasn’t been able to break out from this notion that he’s the third Bush. And he’s got to.

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton holds a 5.2 percent lead over Bush in an average of five recent head-to-head polls.

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