Jeb Bush And Ben Carson Battle For 2016 Clown Car Driver’s Seat

The GOP Clown Car is getting stuffed with more and more presidential candidates, but two in particular are fighting over the steering wheel as it chugs its way toward the center ring.

According to a recent Fox News poll, Jeb Bush and Ben Carson are tied, taking 13 percent each in a pool of 16 potential and declared candidates.

The only other Republicans scoring double digits in the poll, which was released on late May 13, were Scott Walker (11) and Mike Huckabee (10).

These May results are big improvements for the former Florida governor and the … um … whatever the hell Carson is besides a retired pediatric neurosurgeon who now focuses on selling cheesy autobiographies. In Fox’s April poll, Bush trailed Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, and Rand Paul, respectively, and was tied with Mike Huckabee for fourth place with nine percent. In that same poll from last month, Carson tied Chris Christie for sixth place with six percent, while Ted Cruz placed fifth with eight percent.

The poll also marks significant declines for Rubio and Paul, who fell from first place to fifth and from third to sixth place, respectively, in just one month. Only 11 percent of likely Republican primary voters are undecided.

Fox News also polled likely Democratic voters, 63 percent of whom selected Hillary Clinton as their leading candidate. Sen. Elizabeth Warren stated multiple times last year that she would not compete in the 2016 presidential race, but still took second with 13 percent. Tied for third amongst potential Democratic candidates were Vice-president Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders, each taking six.

Only former Sec. of State Clinton and Sen. Sanders, the Independent-turned-Democrat from Vermont who announced his bid on April 30, are declared Democratic candidates. Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, who went without any take in the Fox poll, is expected to announce his Democratic campaign on May 30.

The only Republican candidate of any threat to a Clinton election win would be Bush, poll data reads. If an election featuring these two candidates were held today, Fox’s poll says that Bush would take 45 percent to Clinton’s 44. Clinton leads all other Republicans in head-to-head poll results.

Featured image by Donkey Hotey via Flickr

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