James Comey Is Doing Something That Will Have Trump Sh*tting His Pants

Trump’s numerous attacks on former FBI Director James Comey are about to come back and bite him in the ass. While Trump has spent his time attempting (poorly) to portray Comey as someone who is unreliable and worse, the former director has spent his time…writing a book.

The FAILING NEW YORK TIMES (as The Donald says) reports that Comey’s book will cover his work as a public servant — including and perhaps most notably his brief tenure in the Trump administration.

“It’s a book about leadership and his search for truth, informed by lessons and experiences he’s had throughout his career, including his recent experiences in the Trump administration,” Matt Latimer, whose agency also represents Comey, says. “It will speak to a broader desire in our country for more ethical leadership.

It really does sound interesting, and it’s no surprise that publishers are willing to hand Comey ridiculous amounts of money for it:

The book will not be a conventional tell-all memoir, but an exploration of the principles that have guided Mr. Comey through some of the most challenging moments of his legal career. Among those are his investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server during a contentious election, and his recent entanglement with the president over the F.B.I.’s inquiry into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.

Comey initially was reluctant to write a tell-all, but ultimately decided that he had more to say than just a retelling of his career. The Times notes that he plans to use the book to “write candidly about his experience serving in multiple administrations, and to use moments from his career to draw lessons about ethics, decision making and leadership.”

As with his personal memos he shared with the media through a friend, Comey’s book will be vetted to ensure that no classified information is contained.

While the book is simply going to be a study of Comey’s principles through the years, it is sure to enrage Trump, who considers facts and truth to be an anathema.

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