J.K. Rowling Won The Internet With One Fantastic Trump Insult (TWEETS)

T0night was Sh*tstorm Part three, and it very much shaped up to be the last and final time Trump will ever get to totally embarrass himself–and America–on National TV.

There was no post-cocaine sniffles or unnerving stalking as the Republican Presidential Nominee appeared to be heavily medicated. Trump did manage, however, to continue his theme of playing to the basket of deplorables with outlandish and totally inappropriate statements. For example, he started the debate by playing to right-wing nut jobs and completely disregarding all the grounded facts and realities surrounding gun safety. In a most disgusting pander to the NRA and its angry white ammosexuals, Trump said the Second Amendment  was “in a state of trauma.” He then proceeded to whine about not winning an Emmy like he was a washed-up, disgruntled actress (or aspiring one). Apparently winning an award for crapping out the worst kind of Reality TV is now a pre-requisite to doing the serious work of the presidency.

Well, the author of the insanely popular Harry Potter series decided that she had enough of the b*tchy and whiny Trump, taking to Twitter to slam him in a most epic tweet:

Rowling has carved out a most lucrative career creating a vivid image of villainy in Voldemort, so there’s no greater individual to weigh in on Trump than her. And much like Voldemort, Trump was NEVER good and decent.

Featured image via Rob Stothard/Stringer

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