Ivanka Trump, the ‘Decent’ One, Just Totally Insulted Working Women (VIDEO)

While Trump’s sons do their best to mimic Saddam Hussein’s kids, Ivanka Trump always seemed like the most redeemable kid in the Trumposphere. She’s capable, driven, and already has a major stake in the Trump business. It can be said that she was the one Trumplican who stood even the slightest chance of looking sane and normal. However, it seems even she has been sucked into her daddy’s tractor beam of unapologetically offensive sh*t.

In a campaign video for Trump’s alleged plan for paid maternity leave (sorry dads, not paid family leave, mind you), Ivanka took a page out of her creepo daddy’s book by jumping right to the crazy:

“The most important job any woman can have is being a mother.”

Really? Republicans are still promoting the idea that the only defining feature of womanhood is having children?

And it’s bit rich coming from a woman whose father has called pregnancy an “inconvenience” for businesses and once boasted that he has never changed a diaper.

As far as Trump’s family leave, it doesn’t exist. CNN’s Jeremy Diamond tweeted the following:

And since men’s primary role is in the workplace, Trump’s family leave plan doesn’t include fathers.

Via Media Matters:

The Associated Press (AP) reported on September 13 that Trump’s proposed parental “leave program would not apply to working fathers.” The exclusion of paternity leave would by definition exclude some LGBT families from his plan. [The Associated Press, 9/13/16]

And when it comes to pregnant women, Trump is about as gentlemanly as Ray Rice. For example, Trump once said that women getting pregnant is nothing but an “inconvenience” to employers

So when Ivanka makes remarks like these let us not forget that all the Trump kids were raised by nannies and butlers – not by a father who understood the kinds of sacrifices people make to raise their children.

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