Itty Bitty Trump Supporter Gets Creamed Live For Using A Booster Seat To Seem Taller In Interviews (VIDEO)

This is a difficult story to write, because as liberals, we’re supposed to be accepting of people regardless of their shortcomings. The thing is, the “shortcoming” in question isn’t really a shortcoming, it’s a physical trait that nobody but the Trump stumping stooge in question would care about.

Andy Dean, former Apprentice contestant and perpetual Donald Trump bootlicker, demands to sit in a booster seat when he’s interviewed. Not a big deal until you put it into context like former Jeb! campaign worker Tim Miller did:

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Trump supporters always want to seem tough; they try to seem strong. It’s why you’re sitting in a booster chair right now, because you want to seem tall and strong.

Dean responded by declaring he has big hands and asking if Miller wanted to compare. The entire scene is ridiculous; it couldn’t possibly have happened to more ignorant people.

Watch a teeny little Trumper get burned for using a booster seat on CNN below:

Featured image via screen capture


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