It’s On Tape: Trump Says You’re Misinterpreting His Crystal Clear Mockery Of Troops With PTSD (VIDEO)

After suggesting veterans with PTSD aren’t “strong” and able to “handle it” — on tape — Donald Trump is now saying that this is just a big misunderstanding. He wasn’t really taking a cheap shot at veterans suffering from PTSD. No, of course not. You’re just misinterpreting what he was trying to say — on tape.

According to Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, a top Trump surrogate, Trump’s words are being taken “out of context” and this is all just fake outrage being drummed up by the liberal media to benefit Hillary Clinton.

“The media continues to operate as the propaganda arm of Hillary Clinton as they took Mr. Trump’s words out of context in order to deceive voters and veterans — an appalling act that shows they are willing to go to any length to carry water for their candidate of choice,” Flynn said in a statement.

For the record, I’m not sure exactly what “context” Flynn is speaking of. The “context” I saw was a veteran asking about integrating faith-based programs into a “holistic” approach to helping veterans who come back from war with PTSD. Trump replied with this (emphasis mine):

“Look, we need that so badly and when you talk about the mental health problems, when people come back from war and combat and they see maybe what people in this room have seen many times over — and you’re strong and you can handle it — but a lot of people can’t handle it and they see horror stories. They see events that you’d see in a movie and you wouldn’t believe it. We need mental health help, and medical — it’s one of the things that’s least addressed, and it’s one of the things I hear most about when I go around and talk to veterans.

“We’re going to have a very robust level of performance having to do with mental health,” Trump said. “We are losing so many great people who could be taken care of if they had proper care.”

I’m not quite sure what “context” would make that not a dangerously irresponsible statement for a presidential candidate to make, especially one that was too chickensh*t to serve himself. Apparently, I’m not the only one with this perspective.

You can watch Trump’s comments for yourself in the video below. Because, as I’ve mentioned a time or two, it’s on tape.

Featured image via Theo Stroomer/Getty Images

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