It’s Official: This Is The Most Hated GOP Presidential Field EVER

It’s no wonder the GOP is in full freak-out mode over the fact that their top two presidential candidates are named Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. A new poll reveals what many both inside and outside the party already knew — most Americans can’t stand either one of them.

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll released on April 14 reveals that Trump is the most unpopular Republican presidential candidate in over 30 years. Only former Klan leader David Duke, who ran in 1992, had a higher unfavorable rating. But before Ted Cruz celebrates too much, he might take note that the poll reveals he is almost as unpopular as Trump. Ohio Governor John Kasich actually comes out looking pretty good in the survey, with an even split between the number of favorable and unfavorable opinions.

In the poll, 67 percent of respondents indicated an unfavorable opinion of Trump. That is actually down from a year ago, when his unfavorable rating was 71 percent. Cruz made out a little better, but was still disliked by over half of those surveyed, with an unfavorable of 53 percent.

Compare that to Duke, who polled at 69 percent unfavorable in 1992. But unlike Duke, who received no delegates and just over 100,000 votes, Trump leads the delegate count and has received over 8 million votes.

Every minority group in the survey gave Trump negative numbers. A 20 percent net unfavorable rating among whites soars to 65 percent among non-whites. And remember when Trump said he loved “uneducated voters?” He has good reason to. Trump is viewed unfavorably by both college graduates and non-graduates, but his unfavorables among non-graduates is 20 points better than with the other group.

This poll did find one group that thinks Trump is alright — Republican voters. But even among them his support is not overwhelming. He is seen favorably by 56 percent of Republicans. Cruz makes out slightly better, at 58 percent. Compare those numbers to Mitt Romney’s from 2012. Romney received a favorable rating from 69 percent of Republicans at this same point in the campaign.

Democrats, and more importantly, independents have very negative views of the frontrunners. It is going to be very hard, if not impossible, for Trump or Cruz to win without the support of independents, and right now that looks like a tough lift.

The poll found that John Kasich has the most appeal across partisan lines. But he is also the least popular among Republicans. Ted Cruz’s net positive among GOP voters is +20. Trump checks in at +14. Kasich came out of the poll with a +7.

It is still a long way until November, and anything can happen, but these numbers don’t bode well for Republican chances of regaining the White House. Still, Democrats can’t relax and think that they have it made. This poll also found Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s numbers under water, with an unfavorable rating of 52 percent.

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