It’s Official: Sarah Palin’s Career Is In A Death Spiral, Her Last Trainwreck Speech Sealed It

When Sarah Palin joined Senator John McCain in the 2008 election, she ignited a kind of excitement and energy to a campaign that many thought looked outdated next to then Senator Barack Obama’s youthful vigor. Today, however, it seems Palin has lost a lot of her sparkle that made her one of the most sought-after GOP surrogates in the years that followed the 2008 election.

Palin’s endorsement of Donald Trump was no surprise to anyone in politics. They seem like a match made in right-wing heaven with their affinity for Muslim bashing and their fantasies of walls with brown people on one side and white people on the other. The big endorsement came with a blingy jacket bouncing the camera flashes off of it and the rambling speech that hit all the major Tea Party talking points while Trump looked on like a businessman in an audit. It did not, however, come with a successful win for the Trump campaign.

She’s been dealing with a lot of parenting problems with her abstinence-only-until-marriage daughter pregnant again (out of wedlock) and her son arraigned for domestic violence on the very day Palin was endorsing Trump. Instead of rushing to the side of her beloved husband, broken and bleeding in a hospital bed after a snowmobile accident, she thought it was silly not to do the Tampa rally after all. She was there anyway. No need to rush off, right?

Palin’s bizarre Wisconsin speech this week is just another in a long line of televised insanity where America watches the train wreck happen with each sentence that is uttered. The Chicago Tribune reported, “tepid applause and stone-faced silence” from the audience as she took the stage. Audiences seem to be tiring of her stream-of-consciousness style and bouncy-ball like topics that are so all over the place you can’t tell if she is “on something.”

When I was working on a governor’s race in a red state in 2010, our polling showed high numbers for Palin. I believe they were in the 70’s. She was still glowing from “going rogue” in the 2008 election and the lucrative contract commentating on Fox News meant that she stayed relevant and she rarely went on television without someone to help her with talking points. Now it seems the magic has worn off. The thrill is gone. Palin can’t break 50 percent in favorability among the polls, even a Fox News poll, and in most polls her “unfavorably” are getting as bad as Trump’s.

This could very well be the end. With no legal training and barely a bachelor’s degree, Palin isn’t exactly known for her smarts. Yet, a Montana-based production company thinks putting her on a courtroom reality show is the way to go. Without knowing it, they’re probably driving the nails into the coffin that is her political career.

This is ripe with potential for Palin to look even more foolish and with her token arrogance and self-importance she is unlikely to take direction from people who want to tell her what to say and do. If it continues more than a few months I’ll be surprised, but as the weeks drag on we can all watch the downfall in real time.

Maybe then when Palin has the gall to demand, “do you know who I am,” she’ll finally start getting “no” for an answer.


Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.

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