It’s Official: Hillary Clinton Is The First Female Major Party Presidential Nominee

The Democratic National Convention just made history by officially nominating Hillary Clinton for president of the United States. The former First Lady, Secretary of State and Senator is now the nominee of the Democratic Party. The real surprise came when Senator Bernie Sanders himself moved to have her be the nominee while standing with his home state of Vermont’s delegation. This was a very meaningful move, as the progressive leader of a new movement is still having trouble getting some of his “Bernie or Bust” supporters to get in line behind the party’s nominee.

The roll call vote, state delegation by state delegation, gave the Bernie supporters a chance to have their voices heard for the world to see, and it showed just how meaningful his candidacy and his movement have been. This is also reflected in Senator Sanders’ influence in the official platform of the Democratic Party, as they have adopted many of his planks, including a $15 minimum wage, debt-free higher education, and many others. In other words, the far-left progressives succeeded in pushing the party to the left, as they had hoped. Hopefully this fact brings more of the Bernie or Busters on board for Hillary Clinton.

I am glad that the Bernie supporters had their voices heard. It was a long, hard-fought campaign, and their movement made a real difference in both the Democratic Party and American politics as a whole. Further, the unity between Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders sits in sharp contrast to the crazy infighting that is still happening between GOP nominee Donald Trump and rivals like Ted Cruz and John Kasich. We really are shining and showing the world that we really are the better party.

Despite whatever division there may be – perceived or real – this is truly an historic moment in the history of the nation and world, and we should all celebrate it. Let’s band together and make Hillary Clinton the first woman to occupy the White House!

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