It’s Not Over: Trump’s Tantrums Drive Senate GOP To Take Aim Yet Again At Healthcare


Trumpcare failed in the most hilarious and dramatic middle-of-the-night vote on the Senate floor – they couldn’t even pass a “skinny repeal” after seven years of promising to repeal the Affordable Care Act. And, of course, the Toddler-in-Chief, getting ever-more desperate to actually start “winning,” threw a livid fit on Twitter about it.

And some Republicans look like they’re starting to let his Twitter tantrums dictate their behavior. They can’t even understand the words “give up,” it seems, despite the fact that McConnell and others in the GOP leadership have said it’s time to move on to other things. Lindsey Graham already has a new proposal that would give block grants to states for things like Medicaid, and keep most of the existing tax structure from the ACA.

Trump’s White House also went crawling to Rep. Mark Meadows over in the House to see how they could get more conservatives on board with, well, pretty much anything. All of this happened not too long after Trump went after Republicans for being the utter failures they are. He wants them to switch to a 51-vote threshold so 8 Democrats can’t control the country (in his words), and he threatened to end payments to insurance companies and yank Congress’ healthcare plans (which they get through the ACA’s exchanges):

Trump has even repeatedly asked McConnell to change Senate rules to make it so that they only need 51 votes to pass anything. The thing that Trump isn’t getting is that every Trumpcare bill that’s failed in the Senate thus far has done so because it failed to even reach 50 votes. Plus McConnell won’t change the rules anyway.

Maybe if Republicans would actually work with Democrats, who have said they’re open and willing to work on a bipartisan plan to fix problems in the ACA, we wouldn’t be having this problem.

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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