It’s Not Just Brown People– Scott Walker Wants To Keep Out Canadians, Too (VIDEO)

Crazy eyed Wisconsin governor and GOP presidential candidate Scott Walker decided to “out-Trump” Donald Trump with a statement he made on the August 30 edition of Meet the Press. Walker doesn’t just want to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. He also wants to build one on the U.S.-Canada border. I kid you not.

If this one statement isn’t enough to disqualify Walker as too insane to be put in charge of a nation that has nuclear weapons, I don’t know what is. Chuck Todd points out to Walker that the discussion is always concerning the Mexican border, but we never talk about the northern border. Todd says that if this is about keeping terrorists out of the country, shouldn’t we do both?

A sane person might have responded that Canada is a modern, developed country just like the United States, and that the two countries have shared the longest unsecured border in the world for many years with no issues. A sane person might have pointed out that, while there are differences in our political systems, Canadians and Americans are as alike as the people of any two adjacent countries, anywhere. Yeah, a sane person might have said something like that. But not Scott Walker. Walker’s reply?

Some people have asked us about that in New Hampshire. They’ve raised some very legitimate concerns, including some law enforcement folks that brought that up to me at one of our meetings about a week and a half ago. So it is a legitimate issue for us to look at.

Forget the insult to the Canadian government with the suggestion that they don’t know how to keep themselves and by extension, Americans, safe. Let’s just take a minute to look at the cost, and logistics of this boneheaded idea.

The border between the U.S. and Canada is 3,987 miles long, excluding the border between Alaska and Canada, which adds another 1,538 miles to the total. By comparison, the border between the U.S. and Mexico is 1,589 miles. Estimates for the cost of building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico range from $1 million to $15 million per mile, depending on the type of terrain that has to be crossed. And with that wall, there is no terrain anywhere that would have to be crossed like the Rocky Mountains, which a Canadian border wall would have to cross. Even if you take the most conservative estimate, a Canadian border wall would cost the treasury over $5.5 billion. And I’m pretty sure the Canadian government isn’t going to chip in.

Maybe the Koch brother can help Walker with the cost, eh?

Here is the stupidity of Scott Walker on display, via NBC News:

Featured image via NBC News screen capture

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