It Took Less Than 12 Hours For Eric Trump To Break The Law On Election Day

Well, that sure didn’t take long. Only 12 hours into Election Day and Eric Trump has already broken the law.

The Trump family isn’t known for their ability to follow the law. Eric Trump apparently decided to start off his day by voting for his narcissistic dad and then breaking the law by posting a picture of his completed ballot on Twitter.


Image via Buzzfeed

This just happens to violate New York election law. Oops. But hey, it’s not like this has been a law for a long time right? Only 126 years. The law stipulates that any person who “[s]hows his ballot after it is prepared for voting, to any person so as to reveal the contents … is guilty of a misdemeanor.”

Eric Trump was quickly notified that his tweet, featuring a pic of his ballot, was illegal.


Image via Buzzfeed

The law was recently challenged by a group of voters who asked a federal judge to issue an injunction that would allow voters to take ballot selfies. The judge denied their request, ruling on Nov. 3 that, “The public’s interest in orderly elections outweighs the plaintiffs’ interest in taking and posting ballot selfies.”

According to the judge, the posting of ballot selfies would slow down the voting process, causing unnecessary delays, and threaten the guarantee of “election integrity.”

Eric Trump eventually removed his tweet, but thanks to screenshots, it hasn’t actually gone away. I have to ask at this point, can’t these people get anything right? Seriously, they managed to screw up voting? By breaking the law? With Twitter?  Of course, they did.

Featured image via Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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