It Looks A Lot Like Trump Used His Foundation To Bribe The Florida District Attorney

Each and every day, we’re forced the endure a new round of right-wing noise about the Clinton Foundation. While it’s true that Hillary Clinton, as a potential president, should face scrutiny, it’s both disingenuous and cynical to disregard all the good the Clinton Foundation has done.

The Trump Foundation, however, has no employees, has done very little, and Trump steals money from it. Oh, and then there is the issue of the bribes.

After coming under fire for apparently bribing a public official who was investigating his fraudulent “university,” other ugly details are pouring in about the Trump Foundation. For example, the total number of paid employees at the “Trump Foundation” is zero. Moreover, the total amount of money donated by Donald Trump personally to the Trump Foundation over the past thirty years is roughly zero as well. The last major donation the Trump Foundation made was in 2009,when it donated $100,000 to… wait for it… the Clinton Foundation. The only meaningful activity from the Trump Foundation, not surprisingly, was when Trump used it as a piggy bank to buy a freaking signed Tim Tebow helmet.

One foundation has helped deliver antiretrovirals to millions of impoverished African nations, another charity bought a helmet from a overrated quarterback. Which one could possibly be worse?

Worse still, the Washington Post points out that Trump paid the IRS a $25,000 penalty this year after it was revealed that Trump’s charitable foundation had violated tax laws by giving a political contribution to a campaign group connected to Florida’s attorney general.

As CNN noted in June, it looks very much like a quid pro quo agreement:

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is denying that a $25,000 donation from Donald Trump is in any way connected to her office’s decision not to pursue action against Trump University, despite dozens of complaints in Florida, her spokesman said.

Bondi, who endorsed Trump in March, received the donation in 2013 via a political action committee raising money for her re-election.

Let’s face it: Many “foundations” created by millionaires and billionaires are nothing more than benevolent fronts for slush funds, which furtively create a system of never-ending influence-peddling and quid pro quo. But there has thus far been absolutely no proof that the Clinton Foundation was used by the Clintons for anything other than doing important work, including lifting millions out of poverty in Africa and delivering safe health care to millions of women in developing nations.

Nobody can say the same for Trump’s foundation.

Featured image via Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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