Israel Says It’s Giving Trump Dirt It Has On Obama In Retailiation For UN Vote

Perhaps the two most vindictive people on the planet, Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu, are now said to be actively conspiring against America’s current president – and in effect against the United States itself.

In a bombshell statement that in other times with a more responsible incoming president might lead to outrage, Israel announced it would be handing over “intel” it says it has that will show Obama was working against Israel behind the scenes during a contentious United Nations resolution vote.

Israel has been livid ever since the United States refused to support the country’s inherently illegal plans to seize more territory from Palestinians as part of its human rights-violating “settlement” movement. The UN recently voted to condemn Israel for its push into the West Bank. The U.S. simply abstained from voting – not willing to come down one way or the other on the plan against its longtime ally – but even that move of neutrality was met with ferocity from the right-wing Israeli government and their allies in the U.S.

Now as retaliation, Israel says it’s giving Trump their anti-Obama intel through “the appropriate channels” and went on to seemingly encourage Trump to leak it to the press. None of this “intel” has been substantiated, nor did Israel provide any sort of proof for their claims. They want Trump to serve as their smear-merchant.

Israel has evidence that U.S. President Obama’s administration is behind Friday’s Security Council resolution, Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer told CNN on Monday.

“We will present this evidence to the new administration through the appropriate channels. If they want to share it with the American people they are welcome to do it,” Dermer told CNN.

For Americans worried about what kind of president Trump will be, this is his first real test. If he leaks this intel to the public, thereby betraying America’s former president and revealing what could be state secrets out of spite for his opponents, Trump will all but prove he has no intention of being president for all Americans. It will be open season on anyone who opposes him and he will have shown to the international community that he will work with them to destroy Americans whom they have a mutual disagreement with.

That is a terrifying scenario and one bordering on open treason by the future President of the United States. The ball is now in Trump’s court. What will he do?

Featured image via Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

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