Islamophobic Republican: Refugees Only Come Here For Free Stuff (AUDIO)

One of the largest refugee crises in our recent history is occurring right now, so what better time to stir up Islamophobia than on the anniversary of 9/11?

Iowa State Senator Jason Schultz (R- no surprise) said on the right-wing radio show Mickelson in the Morning, “This isn’t our problem. We’re already broke.”

The Syrian refugee crisis can be traced directly back to U.S. meddling in the middle east, and primarily the war in Iraq. This destabilizing event led directly to the rise of terrorist organizations like ISIS, which are responsible for the situation. However, it is not our problem, according to Republicans.

According to Senator Schultz:

We already have problems with concentrations of Middle Eastern refugees or migrants coming in and taking over communities. They don’t want to assimilate. They do not want to become Americans. They only want the free stuff from America. They practice a religion that orders them to dominate and they want to live under Sharia law which they would not subordinate under our law while they live here and enjoy our protections and our goodies.

Source Think Progress

Schultz also compared the acceptance of refugees in the U.S. to “an invasion to spread their own theology by force.”

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) had very recently called for the state of Iowa to help by taking in some of these refugees, and only two days later changed his stance to one where he was accusing President Obama of “opening the floodgates” to accept them. The Islamophobia seems to have worked in this case.

The Republican party took us into the Middle East, and Iraq. They created ISIS, and these other rogue elements. Now they call it “not our problem,” and want to build a wall to ignore what they did. Then, they have the nerve to say the rest of the world hates America for its “freedom.”

Listen to Sen. Schultz’s remarks below:

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