ISIS Says First Lady Michelle Obama Is Worth $40 As A Sex Slave; Conservatives Rally Around ISIS in Agreement

President Obama is a popular target for ISIS to mock, and in a recent magazine article, they’ve extended that “courtesy” to his wife as well. The article, published in “Dabiq” magazine and entitled “Slave girls or prostitutes,” claims that Michelle Obama would be worth about $40 as a “sex-slave.”

The article, written by ISIS spokesman Umm Sumayyah Al-Muhajira, discusses the importance of kidnapping women and children for sex slaves. At the close of his article, al-Muhajira writes, “And who knows, maybe Michelle Obama’s price won’t even exceed a third of a dīnār, and a third of a dīnār is too much for her!”

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And, as one might expect, the right-wing not only agreed, but managed to put their own sick little spin on it, as well.

Right-wing extremists of a feather . . .

ISIS and the American right-wing agree on much more than the right is comfortable admitting. They agree on the treatment of women — one just needs to look at the culture that raised Josh Duggar to see that — but perhaps the most extreme example in recent memory is a clumsy photoshop of ISIS beheading the president shared by both right-wingers and ISIS alike.

And like the clumsy photoshop, the comment in “Dabiq” has garnered just as much support from the extremists on the right:

"Now mooch, we know you've had a rough time lately what with the university and all but you can't go to the slave market looking like that. Go put some makeup on."$40 is $40 too much

that much? So Michelle, do you have any comment, I mean, you are full of yourself telling Americans what racists we are. Anything, Mo, no, silent. Hummm. You pick your battles. As long as they suit your ideology.

over priced, over valued, over ripe. Only worth throwing out, not even recycled like they are trying to do with Hitlery

normally, when things are not even worth a salvage value, you have to pay to have them hauled away and disposed of.

She would be worth more than that as a maid at the Holiday Inn. But don't think she could work due to her constant motor mouth. Would be fired before lunch.

Well, at least ISIS is much better at math than the totally hopeless Obamanation! That's the first thing I have seen ISIS get right!

While reading these, it’s worth keeping in mind that these are your neighbors, your coworkers, and your relatives. They present themselves as good citizens and will be offended at the mere notion that they’re racist — however true it is.

Let's see . . . from left to right . . . $10,000 a night, $9,999 a night, and $20 a night

Apparently, the moose limb world doesn't value the broad beams that they do in da hood.

Now they experience cognitive dissonance. Better late than never?

Featured image derived from via Wikimedia Commons

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