ISIS Leader Calls For Muslim Uprising, Gets Mocked By Muslims On Twitter (TWEETS)

On December 26, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi released an audio message calling for a Muslim uprising in support of him and his group. The response he got, at least from one group of Muslims on Twitter, was less than totally enthusiastic.

Writer and democracy activist Iyad el-Baghdadi (who is not related to the ISIS leader, and does not support the group) translated the message for his Twitter followers:

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El-Baghdadi Tweet 1

But when el-Baghdadi tweeted the following call to arms from ISIS, the responses he got, particularly from other Muslims, were brilliant.

El-Baghdadi tweet 2

Twitter user “falafelandchips,” who identifies himself as “British. Egyptian” in his profile, just can’t rush out of the house for jihad looking shabby:


“RasheedAB” has to tidy up around the house:

RasheedAB tweet

For “Hassaan Munir,” fighting the “crusaders” has to take a back seat to a particularly nasty video game nemesis:

Hassaan Munir tweet

“Umar Aftab Butt” prefers he get notice of jihad a little later in the day:

Umar Aftab Butt tweet

And “Jay Zadeh” calls out ISIS, as a number of others have, for not being “real Muslims,” then says that he needs a better dental plan than they offer:

Jay Zadeh tweet

But “Guidance of God,” who calls herself “Human. Muslim. Woman. British” wins the conversation with this:

Guidance of God tweet

Right-wing media, Donald Trump and your crazy uncle all want you to think that every Muslim you meet is going to scream “Allahu Akbar!” and slit your throat. But as these responses to al-Baghdadi’s call show, Muslims who live in modern societies have no interest in helping ISIS recreate a medieval world ruled by their apocalyptic version of Islam.

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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