ISIL Terrorists Target Combative Christian Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann (R-MN) is going to have a Capitol Police escort between now and the end of her term in Congress, following the emergence of an online threat from the terrorist group ISIL. The security detail will likely mean Bachmann will be guarded around-the-clock, both in Washington, D.C., and at home in Minnesota while Congress is in recess.

A Capitol Police spokesperson would only say they do not “discuss law enforcement operations or security regarding Members of Congress.”

While the specific nature of the threat remains unknown, one cause for the ISIL response could be Bachmann’s recent performance at the at the Values Voters Summit, during which the combative Tea Party member channeled a vengeful, Old Testament God, saying the United States is currently engaged in “spiritual warfare” with the terrorist organization.

There was none of that New Testament “blessed are the peacemakers” message in her speech last month.

You kill their leader. You kill their council. You kill their army until they wave the white flag of surrender.

And all God’s children (or should I say followers of “Republican Jesus™”) said “Amen.” All the members at the annual conference, sponsored by the Family Research Council, cheered wildly at the Tea Party champion’s bloodlust.

Not surprisingly, Representative Bachmann got nearly every other part of her message wrong during the speech. Islamic leaders around the world unilaterally condemn ISIL and reject her assertion that “yes, Mr. President, it is about Islam.” No, it’s not.

ISIL is not representative of the 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide, as Ms. Bachmann suggested, nor is it an “Islamic State.” ISIL (ISIS, IS) a mercenary force which has captured sections of Syria and Iraq — and is patrolling the border with neighboring Turkey. Just because they made themselves a flag, Representative, doesn’t mean any country in the world recognizes this group of terrorists as a “state.”

Bachmann will lose her security detail when the new Congress convenes early next year. She has not made it clear what she will do once she has retired from Congress, but still has some legal issues to clear up following a failed run at the Republican nomination for president in 2011.

Questionable decisions regarding campaign finances and/or actions by members of her staff resulted in multiple investigations by both state and federal agencies, as well as the Congressional Ethics Committee. Now, it seems, Ms. Bachmann has one more thing to worry about during retirement.

H/T: Politico | Image credit: Creative Commons

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