Is This A Circle? Psychologists Claim Your Answer May Reveal Something Surprising

Meet a new friend? Curious about a co-worker’s political leaning? According to a study published by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology a person’s answer to this question can tell you whether they are liberal or conservative.

                                     Is this a circle?


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According to the study, if a person says, “yes,” they are more likely to be liberal. It is said they are more likely to support social programs like help for the homeless, unemployment benefits, welfare, food stamps and are more likely to support things like marriage equality and legalization of recreational marijuana.

If a person says, “no,” they are more than likely politically conservative. Accordingly, it is probable that they will support things like having a strong military and protecting the rights of business owners. Additionally it says they are more likely to have strong views opposing illegal immigration and strongly condemn even lower-level crimes like drug offenses and prostitution.

The Guardian published an article which stated:

People who are tolerant of deviance from the norm when judging a circle (or triangle, square, rectangle or ellipse) are tolerant of deviant or otherwise marginalised groups in society. In fact, they’re not just tolerant of these groups, they actively want to help them.

Truth be told, I must not be as strong of a liberal as I thought, because my immediate response was “technically, that’s not a circle because math.”

But, I digress, my bleeding heart is still bleeding.

What did you think? Is it a circle?

Featured image via The Guardian


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