Is Jeb Bush Trying To Blame Obama For The Flint Water Crisis? (VIDEO)

Remember when everyone made fun of Rick Perry because he started wearing glasses and people thought it was to make him look smarter? Well, it seems Jeb Bush has gone the opposite route. Removing his glasses for ABC’s “This Week,” Bush only seemed to get dumber. Clearly, Bush has no knowledge of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan that has caused dangerous levels of lead to seep into drinking and bathing water.

The problem occurred when Michigan’s governor Rick Snyder wanted to save a buck. He appointed a buddy to oversee Flint’s water and he switched their supply from the Detroit system to the Flint River. The Flint River is so corrosive that when the water goes through the lead pipes in Flint, it eats away the lead and that ends up in the drinking water. Regardless of who else everyone wants to blame, this whole thing began with Rick Snyder who made the first decision to go this route.

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Jeb Bush, however, wants to blame, you guessed it, President Obama. On Sunday Bush said,

We’ve created this complex, no responsibility regulatory system, where the federal government, the state government, a regional government, local and county governments are all pointing fingers at one another.

He then said that the country needs a:

21st-century system of rules: Whenever you see a problem, it should become public, there should be transparency instead of trying to cover it up.

No, no and no! It’s due to a lack of regulation and arrogance we have this problem. If we were regulating stupidity, goodness knows Snyder would never have been reelected. If we could find our way to test water in people’s homes to ensure all is well with the world, that would be nice. If we could manage to alert the town once people start showing up at hospitals with lead poisoning, that would also be preferable.

As if that wasn’t insane enough, Bush praised Snyder saying that he had “taken responsibility” and for “rolling up his sleeves and trying to deal with it.” Snyder shouldn’t resign, Bush said, “needs to do what he’s doing, which is to accept responsibility and began to solve the problem,” and Snyder has “been a great governor for Michigan.”

Bush doesn’t want anyone to point fingers at who is responsible, though. Bush wants us to move past that and find solutions. Of course he wants to move past it, there’s probably nothing Snyder would want more than to skirt responsibility, prosecution, lawsuits and the litany of things that are coming his way.

Check out the video:

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