Is Donald Trump Growing Up? Sources Report He May Rule Out A Third-Party Run

One thing that we’ve learned about Donald Trump since he announced his candidacy for president is that he’s a whiny, petulant man-child. Awhile back, he swore he’d run as a third-party candidate if the GOP did not treat him fairly. Now, though, radio host Hugh Hewitt has shone an uncomfortable light on that statement, and it may have forced The Donald to take a good look at that position.

According to The Huffington Post, Hugh Hewitt said, point blank:

I know you don’t need any advice, but I’m going to give you some. You will do better in the Republican primaries if you just swear off the third party, because a lot of Republicans will never vote for someone who, like Ross Perot, will hand the election to a Democrat.

Trump has a lot of supporters, and at least some of them would decide to vote for him if he ran as a third-party, or Independent, candidate. That would hand the election to the Democrats, and it’s what Republicans in states like Virginia and North Carolina are trying to stave off.

HuffPo says that Trump actually showed a moment of maturity on the show, when he replied with:

I’ve never heard it put so strongly. When you said it the way you said it, that’s very interesting, so I’ll be thinking about that.

This is interesting, because, until now, Trump has been whining up one side and down the other about everyone treating him unfairly. He’s complained that media personalities treated him unfairly in interviews, and in the August 6 debate. He said, in no uncertain terms awhile back, that he would run as a third-party candidate if the Republican Party did not treat him “fairly.” His definition of “fair,” is, “preferential.”

The HuffPo piece says that, since he made that threat, he’s had time to consider what it really means. A top aide says that he never had any real intention of running as anything other than a Republican, and that he just wanted to ensure that the party would treat him fairly. Other sources have said that he has since figured out that the threat is harmful to his chances at the nomination.

This is a far cry from what we’re used to from him. Trump has a silver spoon in his mouth, and is used to getting his way. It’s why he keeps lashing out at Megyn Kelly, and why he threatened to run anyway, even if he didn’t get the Republican nomination in the end. He’s used to getting everything he wants, and he’s shown it in spades this election cycle.

He also appeals to the worst of the GOP. He’s not what we need in a president, and his fracturing of the GOP has been good for Democrats. He’s racist, he’s stupid, and he’s ruthless. He’s not what we need for president, and hopefully, the GOP sees that.

Featured image by DonkeyHotey. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr

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